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Certifying carbon credits with science

Trace every credit from issuance to retirement

Project and verification data, evidence, and calculations are public by default. You — and your stakeholders — can see the exact climate impact of every credit.

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10+ suppliers across 5 key pathways

Isometric has more than 10 suppliers committed to our stringent protocols across five key pathways—Biomass Carbon Removal and Storage, Direct Air Capture, Enhanced Weathering, and Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement.

More suppliers are coming soon.

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Our science team develops the most rigorous protocols in the market

Every credit represents a tonne of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere, subsequently monitored in our MRV platform (patent in progress) and by our VVB partners. All based on our pathway specific protocols.

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Our Protocols - Direct Air Capture, Enhanced Weathering, Bio-oil Geological Storage, Biomass Geological Storage, Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement

Underpinned by the Isometric Standard

The world’s most stringent rules for carbon dioxide removal. The Isometric Standard focuses exclusively on long duration, additional, carbon removal so credits are only issued for tonnes that have been fully verified and delivered. The Standard meets or exceeds existing third-party standards such as CQS, ICROA and ICVCM.

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Our network of accredited validation & verification bodies who audit our projects

We select and pay them directly — minimising conflicts of interest. And the results of all their carbon audits are publicly available in our Registry.

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