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Accelerate CDR with world-leading climate scientists

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what you can do

How you can work with Isometric

Review protocols

Give direct feedback on our criteria for how CDR is quantified within your area of expertise.

Collaborate on projects

Consult on Isometric research and take part in internal projects with Isometric scientists.

Take part in workshops

Attend working groups with Isometric’s close network of buyers, suppliers and non-profits to progress the carbon removal industry.

Confidence in your climate commitments

Every credit is a guaranteed tonne of carbon removal

Full transparency

Track your credits from issuance to retirement with public data

Independent verification

Let our experts handle measurement and ensure your positive climate impact
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what you’ll get

The benefits to you

Early access to climate data

Get early access to approved supplier data, draft protocols and workshops hosted by Isometric.

Connections to leading climate scientists

Network and collaborate with leading scientists in your field who can support your personal projects.

Recognition for your time

We offer remuneration to our science consultants, and your contributions to Isometric’s research may lead to academic publications.

Our scientists

The Isometric Science Team consists of our internal carbon removal scientists. Each member has expertise relevant to one or more carbon dioxide removal pathways.

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Stacy Kauk
Stacy Kauk, P.Eng.


Jennifer Wilcox
Jennifer Wilcox, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist


Sophie Gill
Sophie Gill, Ph.D.

Marine Biogeochemistry


Jing He
Jing He, Ph.D.

Ocean (Bio-Physical) Modeling


Kevin Sutherland
Kevin Sutherland, Ph.D.



Jennifer Yin
Jennifer Yin, Ph.D.

Ocean Monitoring


Adam Ward
Adam Ward

Process Engineering


Ella Holme
Ella Holme, Ph.D.



Rhys Savage
Rhys Savage, Ph.D.

Mining Science


Christie Patel
Christie Patel

Plant Biochemistry


Emma Marsland
Emma Marsland

Life Cycle Analysis


Neil Hacker
Neil Hacker



Matthew Gammans
Matthew Gammans, Ph.D.

Economic Analysis


Marya Matlin-Wainer
Marya Matlin-Wainer

Environmental Chemistry


Rebecca Tyne
Rebecca Tyne, Ph.D.

Subsurface Biogeochemistry


The science network

Alongside our internal team, Isometric is building an engaged, diverse community of 200+ climate scientists and industry experts. This community plays a pivotal role in reviewing durable CDR protocols and helping us accelerate the progress of CDR science.

Join The Science

Protocols for every pathway

Collaborative, modular protocol development helps accelerate technologies to market and shorten scientific feedback loops.


Featured thinking from the Isometric science team.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about working with Isometric as a scientist. Still have questions? Send us an email to