The Isometric Registry launches, issuing the highest quality carbon credits to Frontier.  Find out more

Issue high quality carbon credits faster than ever

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what you’ll get

Reach buyers that matter to you at no cost

Quality guarantee
Your credits will meet the most scientifically rigorous protocols on the market.
Access to demand
Leading CDR buyers work with Isometric.
Rapid verification
Deliver credits to your buyers faster. Monthly verification — enabled by our MRV platform and VVB partners.

Confidence in your climate commitments

Every credit is a guaranteed tonne of carbon removal

Full transparency

Track your credits from issuance to retirement with public data

Independent verification

Let our experts handle measurement and ensure your positive climate impact
join the world’s most cutting edge suppliers
our time to market
in months, not years
in weeks, not months

Our scientists

The Isometric Science Team consists of our internal carbon removal scientists. Each member has expertise relevant to one or more carbon dioxide removal pathways.


Isometric and [C]Worthy partner to advance marine carbon dioxide removal research

Jing He Carbon Removal Scientist
Jing He, Ph.D.
Carbon Removal Scientist
Sophie Gill

Marine Biogeochemistry


Jing He

Ocean (Bio-Physical) Modeling


Kevin Sutherland



Jennifer Yin

Ocean Monitoring


Adam Ward

Process Engineering


Ella Holme



Rhys Savage

Mining Science


Christie Patel

Plant Biochemistry


Emma Marsland

Life Cycle Analysis


Neil Hacker



Matthew Gammans

Economic Analysis


Marya Matlin-Wainer

Environmental Chemistry


Rebecca Tyne

Subsurface Biogeochemistry


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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about becoming a supplier with Isometric. Still have questions? Get in touch.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about becoming a supplier with Isometric. Still have questions? Get in touch.

Why we’re different

The principles that define the way we’re changing the industry

Backed by science

We create the highest possible standards for carbon removal, reviewed by more than 200 leading scientists.

Fully transparent

Our public registry makes every credit publicly traceable from issuance to retirement, supported with documentation.

Aligned incentives

Unlike the rest of the market, buyers pay for verification, eliminating the risk of over-selling credits at lower standards.

Unparalleled speed

Our modular system means we develop protocols and verify removals faster than anyone, with no compromises on quality.

Jing He, Ph.D.
Carbon Removal Scientist

“To maintain trust in carbon removal, credits getting delivered to buyers must be accurately quantified.

We’re eager to support companies pursuing rigorous approaches to verification and registration like Isometric, and plan to take delivery of credits measured under their new bio-oil protocol.”

Peter Reinhardt
CEO and Co-founder at Charm Industrial

“Carbon removals don’t get delivered to a loading dock, and that means trusted verification is critical.

We’re really excited about Isometric’s scientific rigor, registry business model that increases integrity, and a huge step towards even more transparency in delivering carbon removal.”