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October 17, 2023

Developing direct air capture

Isometric partners with suppliers to develop rigorous DAC protocol

Neil Hacker
Partnerships Manager & Researcher

Isometric announced the launch of our cross-industry Direct Air Capture (DAC) protocol working group at today’s DAC Coalition Conference in New York—the largest ever convening of DAC suppliers, buyers, researchers and partners.

More than 10 suppliers are already signed up to participate in the working group, including Montreal-based carbon removal project developer Deep Sky. Isometric will be working with these suppliers to develop a measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) protocol that will ensure transparency and credibility for DAC carbon removal processes with a range of methods for storing carbon.

The protocol will be developed in line with Isometric’s Standard, which sets out the world’s most stringent rules for carbon removal. It will set out to address the concerns often raised in relation to this and similar climate technologies that are not covered in existing protocols, including properly accounting for the energy usage of DAC processes. Isometric’s tech-forward approach will also shorten feedback cycles for verification, allowing credits to be issued faster.

Isometric will publish this protocol on the Science Platform, where it will be scrutinized by a network of 150+ independent scientists before being finalized. Credits are only issued on Isometric’s Registry once a given removal has been certified to meet both the rigorous requirements of the Isometric Standard and the pathway-specific science and accounting processes outlined in an MRV protocol that has undergone public consultation on the Science Platform.

DAC companies interested in joining Isometric’s protocol development working group should contact

Cover image by Harshil Gudka