Isometric partners with 12 leading climate companies. Find out more

June 19, 2024

Isometric announces partnerships with 12 leading climate companies

API product also launches, expanding availability of high quality carbon removal credits

Lukas May OBE
Head of Expansion & Policy

Isometric today announced partnerships with 12 of the most important platforms in carbon removal. Watershed, Patch, Supercritical, Klimate, CarbonX, Milkywire, Carbonplace, Wren, Rubicon, Cloverly, and CEEZER have all partnered with Isometric to provide their end customers access to Isometric’s high quality carbon credits. Terraset is also providing a way for people to fund carbon removal through tax-deductible donations. 

To combat climate change, businesses of all sizes and sectors need to do three things as they move towards net zero: measure their carbon footprint, reduce their emissions and purchase high quality carbon credits that have genuine climate impact. The partners announced today are already helping thousands of companies take action to reduce their carbon footprints and decarbonize. It’s critically important that those companies now begin to incorporate high quality carbon removal credits into their sustainability plans. 

In today’s market, it is mostly large enterprises and buyer groups who have been able to make large-scale carbon dioxide removal (CDR) purchases. By partnering with Isometric, these platforms can now offer buyers of all sizes the ability to secure credits certified against Isometric's scientifically rigorous protocols. 

Brennan Spellacy, Patch Co-founder & CEO, said:

“The Isometric and Patch partnership represents a more effective way to scale carbon removal— from the scientific protocols that project developers follow, to the ways in which buyers access, understand and track their carbon credit purchases. We’re excited to combine forces with Isometric to bring companies of all shapes and sizes into the business of supporting high-integrity, innovative carbon removal.”

In addition to the 12 platforms mentioned, other organizations are also leveraging key data from the Isometric Registry. Frontier, Allied Offsets and are all improving their offerings by integrating Isometric’s data.

To support these partnerships, Isometric has launched an Application Programming Interface (API) for the distribution and management of its high quality carbon credits. Isometric’s Registry and MRV APIs allow users to seamlessly manage, transfer and retire credits in real-time.

Broadening access to high-quality credits through integrations like these can expand the type and number of buyers in the market, which is critical to enabling the CDR industry to scale. We’re excited to be working across the CDR ecosystem to help make that happen.