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April 18, 2024

New Protocol for Enhanced Weathering

Protocol certified with InPlanet and Eion signed up

Eamon Jubbawy
Founder and CEO

Isometric recently certified the world’s most comprehensive protocol for durable carbon removal through Enhanced Weathering (EW).

The protocol details how Enhanced Weathering technologies—which accelerate natural chemical weathering of rocks—can be monitored, reported on, and verified so that buyers can purchase Enhanced Weathering carbon credits with confidence.

Two innovative project developers signed up to the protocol are Eion and InPlanet. InPlanet works with the unique conditions of tropical soils using Enhanced Weathering. Eion is scaling Enhanced Weathering on agricultural lands across America to remove carbon dioxide, improve soil health for farmers, and create jobs in rural communities.

In natural chemical weathering, carbon dioxide dissolved in water reacts with elements in rocks. This reaction forms a type of carbon that—when transported to oceans via rivers— is securely stored for more than 10,000 years.

Enhanced Weathering involves spreading crushed rocks or minerals on croplands to accelerate this weathering reaction. This increases the rate at which carbon dioxide can be durably stored in oceans and rivers.

Previous methods of crediting Enhanced Weathering have relied heavily on desk-based modeling to estimate the quantity of carbon removal. Isometric’s protocol sets out in detail the direct measurements of weathering and bicarbonate storage needed in order to issue carbon credits that represent genuine climate impact.

All Isometric protocols are developed in line with the Isometric Standard, which is the world’s most rigorous set of rules for carbon removal. This protocol was created in collaboration between Isometric’s in-house Science Team and reviewers from Isometric’s independent Science Network of over 200 climate experts. It was also informed by the outputs of a workshop with key Enhanced Weathering academics and industry participants, hosted by Isometric in San Francisco in December.

With this certified protocol, any Enhanced Weathering supplier who is signed up can conduct carbon removal activities and—if measurement, reporting, and verification is successful—Isometric will then issue credits.

The publication of this protocol follows that of Isometric’s Biomass Geological Storage, Bio-oil Geological Storage and Direct Air Capture (DAC) protocols. A protocol for Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement is now in public consultation with subject matter experts, bringing the total number of published Isometric protocols to five.

The publication of the Enhanced Weathering Protocol is another step towards creating trust and transparency in carbon markets. This is what is required to help carbon removal scale to the level that the planet needs and is what Isometric was founded to do.

Cover image from T. Hagihara