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August 29, 2023

Supporting the CDR industry

Isometric partners with suppliers and scientists to serve buyers

Eamon Jubbawy
Founder and CEO

Trust in carbon markets is at an all-time low.

Isometric exists to help us transition from low-trust, temporary carbon offsets to high-trust, durable carbon removal credits. It does this by collaborating across the industry, with particular benefits for four key groups:

  • Buyers
  • Suppliers
  • Scientists
  • Climate-concerned public


Build confidence to make large offtakes with credits issued against the world's most stringent standard and best-in-class protocols. When the scientific community can freely inspect underlying protocols, calculations and evidence—and provide feedback directly—it becomes very easy for buyers to trust the quality of the credits they receive.

Outsource due diligence to Isometric knowing our incentives are aligned. The confidence that comes with an Isometric carbon credit stems from the level of scientific rigor involved in the quantification of climate outcomes and the transparency with which data is surfaced—backed by a business model designed to minimize conflicts and limit reputational risk.


Signal quality and sell more tonnes by aligning with high-quality protocols. CDR suppliers are looking for a way to differentiate themselves from the “junk offsets” that many buyers have purchased in the past due to a lack of alternatives, and Isometric allows high-quality suppliers the chance to do just that.

Get to credits more quickly by relying on Isometric for protocol development and maintenance services—free of charge. This allows suppliers to direct capital towards scaling rather than certification and registry fees.


Accelerate discovery and alignment by collaborating on the Science Platform to shorten the feedback loops between advances in scientific research and adoption by industry.

Get compensated for contributions via the Science Network. Scientists are paid for their input, and can collaborate with Isometric without any non-competes or exclusivity constraints.

Climate-concerned public

Regain trust in carbon markets and support the scale up of the voluntary carbon market. Over the past decade, the carbon offsets market has become synonymous with greenwashing. Isometric is helping the public gain trust in the CDR market as a viable alternative to carbon offsets, in order to limit global temperature increases. This can only be achieved through a foundation of scientific rigor, transparency, collaboration and incentive alignment.

Cover image by Russell Lee